About The Bar

Tiny Bar has taken the hassle out of your next client function, big birthday or special occasion by pre-packaging a number of unique and exclusive events solutions. By selecting one of the events below, we do all the work and show up with Tiny bar and deliver the event, you sit back and enjoy the occasion.

The Bar

Tiny Bar has a premium (made in Italy) bar set-up bigger and better than many pubs or bars found on the high street. Our seven coil chiller system means we can carry up to six different beer, wine or ciders flavours (kegs) pouring from two beer towers, each with four taps, giving a massive eight service taps to pour numerous craft or standard drinks from. We are geared up and have the equipment to serve small, large, or very thirsty crowds. Tiny Bar's premium set-up allows you to serve a multitude of different and unique beverages. Impress your guests, friends, or clients with a combination of drinks direct from the taps.

Not only are we the only mobile bar in New Zealand that offer the reverse tap glass filler (capable of filling a glass from the bottom in just 7 seconds!). But we are only one of a handful of establishments anywhere in New Zealand with this piece of rapid pour equipment. Perfect for larger events where speed is critical or impress guests with this special and unique difference complete with colour lighting effects.

We have a dedicated, under bar refrigeration system to chill your wines, champagnes and other drinks. And we are one of the only mobile bars in New Zealand with a six flavour soft drink mixer/gun for non-alcoholic options, mixes, water and soda water.

Tiny Bars amazing handmade bar top complete with charcoal edge finish gives over 8 meters of service area that ensures fast and attentive service for all of your guests, no matter the size of the event. We can easily accommodate up to 12 bar stools for people to sit at the bar and enjoy a drink or take in a game on one of the large crystal display smart televisions.

Tiny Bar can serve a wide variety and volume of drinks fast and efficiently to a large number of people. Waiting times are significantly reduced, service standards are high, and patrons are happy and hydrated!

TinyBar wooden panel bar and seats
TinyBar bar reverse pourer
TinyBar bar top taps

Deck, Stage, Dance Floor, Bridal Party or Head Table!

Tiny Bars custom-designed, manufactured and fitted deck is the ideal platform to accommodate your VIP guests or friends for a drink and then use it as stage or dance floor as the afternoon or evening progresses. The deck is a great place to hang out and watch sports or events, and we can arrange suitable furniture to suit such as tables, chairs and bar leaners.

If you are making speeches or having a DJ or band, our custom made deck also provides an excellent elevated platform. And at six meters long, it is wide enough to host the head table in a banquet or wedding style event before it transitions into a dance floor or VIP area, giving a great view over the crowds.

TinyBar open deck

The Booth

Tiny Bars booth was, like the bar top, handmade by an old skilled craftsman. The sustainable timbers with matching table provide a great little space for people to sit and chat.

Wooden and leather booth at TinyBar

Entertainment & Key Features

Tiny Bar comes with two 43 inch crystal televisions that hang at a perfect viewing point behind the bar. Watch a game with friends, run some subtle product branding in the background or cast something from the internet. We have two (large and loud) bluetooth speakers for you to connect to and play your favourite sounds from, and if you're are making speeches, we can provide a mic for use. As the evening closes in, feel free to dim down the LCD lights around the bar or in the booth, creating a more ambient mood for your guests. Are you concerned about a nip in the air? Don't be. Tiny Bar has two carbon fibre heaters to keep things warm and comfortable, and gas heaters can also be placed on the deck area.

TinyBar TVs bar staff
  • Eight service taps over two towers
  • 34Kg Chiller Ice Bank (seven coils allowing six flavours i.e. beer, wine, cocktails can be served from the taps)
  • Reverse pour dispenser Tap (7 seconds / 1 flavour).
  • Soft drink mixer / 6 flavour gun + soda + cold water.
  • Refrigerator – 163L + Additional + 4 x available (reconfigure behind bar).
  • 2 x 43 inch Smart TVs behind the bar
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Recessed dimmable mood lighting
  • Ice maker
  • Carbon fibre heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Custom made beer tasting flights (4 glasses)
  • Front booth seating (approx 8-10 people)
  • Bar seating/stools (approx 12 people)
  • Deck area (approx. 20 people)
  • Licensed manager available for licensed events