Here are some questions we are commonly asked about Tiny Bar and our service. If you can't find what you're looking for contact us and we'll be happy to answer your queries.

Where in New Zealand do you operate?

Tiny Bar operates New Zealand wide. However, we need notice and planning to schedule events. 

Can Tiny Bar really go anywhere?

If there is vehicle access and parking space, then Tiny Bar can go there. We can set up inside event centres, halls, auditoriums, or even factories (provided the door entry size is sufficient 3 meters high x 2.5m wide).

We can park up on raceways, fairways, sports fields, farms, car parks, or even on your driveway, back, or front lawn. If you are heading to an island, we can take the ferry or barge (and yes, your Waiheke Island wedding or event is no problem at all).

What power does Tiny Bar need to operate?

Ideally, a couple of 60 amp and a couple of 10 amp plugs are fine. However, we can run on as little as two or three standard house power points.

If you are having your event or wedding off the grid or need a halfway drink stop on the golf course, that is no problem at all. We can use generators to keep Tiny Bar primed and pouring.

How much space does Tiny Bar need?

Tiny Bar, with our custom-made deck, requires approximately 40m2 of space.

For smaller areas, we can also reduce our footprint to 22m2 by removing the deck.

For inside events, we need door access at least 2.5m wide and 3m high.

If in doubt, we are happy to take a look at your venue and provide suggestions.

Can we customise Tiny Bar for an Event or Brand?

Yes! Tiny Bar can be customised as per your requirements. We can add plants and trees to surround the deck and make it into a small "garden bar" area. At night, transform Tiny Bar using lighting to turn Tiny Bar into a nightclub complete with a dance floor and stage. Around our deck and roof are large spaces to brand and message. Our construction means we can also carry magnetic signs and advertising.  And don't forget our two behind bar TVs are available to carry branding and messages.   

We welcome your thoughts and are happy to work with you to turn your ideas into reality.

Can We operate Tiny Bar ourselves without your staff?

Generally speaking, no. Tiny Bar has expensive and specialised bar and beverage equipment that requires trained staff to operate it.

What are the alcohol and beverage costs for private parties and events?

Tiny Bar has flexible options for any event or wedding that does not require a license (i.e., weddings, corporate events and private parties where alcohol is provided privately and free of charge);


  1. You buy and supply your own beer (kegs), wine, bottles and/or cans. We stock Tiny Bar for you, and we pour and serve your favourite beverages.
  2. We have a supply agreement with several craft beer breweries and wineries. We can assist in supplying you with their best beers (IPAs, APAs, and Lagers, etc.) and wines at a wholesale, reduced package price.
  3. You tell us what wines, beer, Champagne etc. to buy, and from where. We will pick it up for you and have Tiny Bar stocked as per your requirements. 
What about selling alcohol and licenses?

Licenses are required when alcohol is being sold and/or consumed publicly, for example, a wine and food festival or council hall. A 'special license' is the typical requirement to be onsite. These generally take around six weeks for local councils to process and approve.

A licensed manager must always also be onsite when alcohol is served under these conditions.

But don't worry! Tiny Bar has its own licensed manager, so we can provide all of these services for you, including the special license application. 

Craft Beer Packages (Optional)

We have exclusive craft beer relationships with several breweries. If you want, we can arrange a selection of premium keg beers, giving you some of the best beers at the best price. Talk to us about your requirements, and we will recommend a supplier.    

Are you using or do you need marquees, tables and chairs?

Tiny Bar can work in with any hirer, event or wedding planner to ensure the right placement next to or even under your marquee. We can also provide a marquee, tables, and chairs depending on your location and requirements.


You are welcome to organise your own or let us know what you need, and we will sort it ourselves or through one of our collaborations. We can provide everything from snacks to five-star cuisine options. Our deck is also a great place to enjoy a BBQ, and that's something we specialise in!  


Tiny Bar offers several different packages depending on the event, season, and location.

Please email or call us for details.

More questions?

Get in touch, we'll be happy to answer them.