Readymade Event Solutions

Tiny Bar has taken the hassle out of your next client function, big birthday or special occasion by pre-packaging a number of unique and exclusive events solutions. By selecting one of the events below, we do all the work and show up with Tiny bar and deliver the event, you sit back and enjoy the occasion.

Tiny Bar & Bob Campbell

Tiny Bar has partnered exclusively with New Zealand's most qualified and well-known wine master, professional and wine showman, *Bob Campbell. Tiny Bar and Bob combine to bring you a readymade unique wine tasting experience for your friends, customers or staff function, birthday or any special occasion requiring great wine!

Tiny Bar can be set up virtually anywhere, and Bob brings the wines (to suit your budget) or you supply your own. Bob introduces each wine giving a detailed and knowledgeable wine tasting experience for you and your guests. We can also set up a competitive game of 'wine options' where participants compete together in teams or against one another to guess specific questions about each wine and conclude with a prize-giving. A great experience for friends, family or customers who share a passion for good times and great wines.

* Bob Campbell was the second New Zealander and is one of just over 400 people in the world to hold the Master of Wine qualification. He founded The Wine Gallery, an Auckland based wine school, in 1990 and is widely regarded as the New Zealand's foremost wine educator. Over 23,000 people have attended wine courses and wine seminars run by Bob Campbell throughout New Zealand and in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and London. He currently teaches the New Zealand Level Two Wine Certificate in China and Hong Kong in association with NZ Winegrowers.

TinyBar - Bob Campbell pouring wine
TinyBar - Bob Campbell wine expert

Craft Beer Tastings (Complete with the Brewer!)

With our ability to pour kegs of up to six different flavours and using Tiny Bars custom made beer floats (each holding four glasses each), you can treat your guests and friends to a selection of special IPAs, Hazy Pale Ales, lagers and APAs from some of the best craft brewers in New Zealand. We have partnerships with numerous excellent craft beer breweries and can pick several great brews to combine into a beer tasting extravaganza, or choose and supply your own beer, and let us pour it! Depending on the beer selection, we can also introduce the brewer and include them as part of a knowledgeable and hydrated occasion of great tasting beer.

TinyBar - craft beer tasting couple

Slushy Cocktail Party

Tiny Bar has access to a number of frozen cocktail machines and suppliers with both alcohol and non-alcoholic flavour options. Set up Tiny Bar with one or two or even seven or eight frozen slushy machines and churn out the pina colada's, margaritas and daiquiris at a frantic pace! A great ide and addition to any hot summers day party requiring cooling down!

TinyBar - slushy party

Hawaiian Party

Who doesn't love a good Hawian shirt and party? You provide the shirts and lei's, and we provide the palm trees, pina colada's and coconuts. We dress Tiny Bar and the deck up with suitable green fauna and turn her into a glorious place to sip back those summer day cocktails. An excellent option for a wedding day party or summer birthday bash.

TinyBar - hawaiian party

Tiny Bar's Bloody Mary Bar

Renowned throughout the world for its hangover-curing ability, the Bloody Mary is an infamous symbol of a great night before! Tiny Bar delivers to you a magnitude of flavours, food and spices, enabling you to build the ultimate Bloody Mary and recover back to your former selves. Our Bloody Mary bar is an excellent option for after the wedding day or after that special evening when you know everyone will require a boost to get back to the impressive heights of the night before! A perfect solution for corporate conferences, weddings after parties, or the day after VIP special events.

DIY bloody mary bar

Sporting Events

What better way to treat a bunch of friends or clients than to hire your own sports bar and park it up in the back lawn, driveway, farm (or anywhere else you feel like) to watch the big game!

Tiny Bars full 8-meter bar, custom bar stools, and two 43 inch TVs provide the perfect bar to take in a game with a special group of people. Sit back at the bar and enjoy your favourite sport and game while drinking fresh beverages straight from the tap. A perfect way for a group of friends to celebrate a big sporting occasion.

Fans watching football game in sports bar

Kiwi BBQ

An underrated kiwi classic. The good old Kiwi BBQ typically consists of good wine, cold beer and a juicy steak or three on the BBQ, with few good beats in the background (not to mention a few bags of chips and kiwi onion dip on the bar). Supply your own food, beer and wine, or let us source it. We can also bring the BBQ, chef and the food, or you are welcome to supply this yourself. A great summer option for family reunions, birthdays, or warming up for a test match with a group of friends (then watching it on Tiny Bars two TVs later in the evening).

meat and corn on kiwi bbq

Alcohol and Beverage Supply:

Please note, Tiny Bar can be supplied as a dry hire, i.e. we provide Tiny bar and the appropriate number of service staff, and you provide the beverages which we serve on your behalf. Alternatively, we can source these for you and serve on your behalf.

Please drop us an email or call us for more details on these unique, readymade events.

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